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La Toja,
a place to lose yourself in…

La Toja is entertainment, nature, gastronomy,
golf, relaxation…

La Toja is a treasure. An island accessible by land where you can lose yourself and leave the hustle and bustle behind without giving anything up. All the entertainment and relaxation that you’re looking for is in La Toja, just a few metres from your new home.

La Toja is Galicia in miniature.

All the best of Galicia can be found on the Island of La Toja.

It doesn’t matter which aspects of Galicia you admire or wish to discover, La Toja has them all. Nature, fresh air, land and sea, entertainment, relaxation, history and modernity… If Paradise exists in Galicia then you’ll find it on La Toja.

Come and discover it for yourself.

The Island of La Toja is a little natural paradise.

Only 110 hectares, more than 60% of which is green spaces, surrounded by the pure estuary waters on the edge of the Atlantic. The island is accessed via a 19th century bridge which connects it to the popular town of O Grove. A wonderful spot which offers the chance to disconnect without having to give anything up.

La Toja is nature and pure air.

La Toja’s heart is green. Nearly half the island is dense centuries-old virgin pine forest. Walking through this forest and losing yourself in it is synonymous with connecting to nature.

La Toja is also sea. Surrounded by rich and unique sealife, visitors to the island can enjoy many activities related to the sea and diving, in clear waters teaming with life.

La Toja is golf.

La Toja has a fantastic golf course in the north of the island, covering a large percentage of it, a jewel that really makes you want to play.

Those lucky enough to play its 9 holes can enjoy and experience playing into infinity, with views of the Atlantic.


La Toja is entertainment.

Nearby you’ll find everything that you and your family need to enjoy your free time: a marina, tennis and paddle courts, a shooting range, swimming pools…

And of course gastronomy, both offered by the restaurants in the island’s luxury hotels and by the nearby O Grove peninsula. A 19th century bridge links the island to O Grove, a place known for its beauty and gastronomy.

La Toja is relaxation.

The most famous and renowned thermal and health spa in Spain, with medicinal waters and mud which can be enjoyed in its exclusive health spas to forget about your busy life and find balance.

La Toja is history.

An island known across the globe for its medicinal springs, its warm mud and its cosmetics industry. It is also a place of hidden traditions and iconic corners.


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